About Us

An initiative taken by Mr. Harjeet Singh Risam C/O Teja Singh Risam to unite and support all the people who left their home, family & other belongings during 1947 Mirpur massacre.
This is a directory portal which contains the publicly accessible records of Muzaffarabad Biradari Community. You can search information about our community members here.

Gurbux Singh Photo

Sant Gurubux Singh
S/O Gurdit Singh
Danna, Muzaffarabad, Pakistan

This website is devoted to Sant. Gurbux Singh and all those Muzaffarabad Biradari people who left their home, family and other belongings during 1947 Mirpur Massacre.


Harjeet Singh Risam Photograph

Harjeet Singh Risam


Why this initiative ?

  • We want to make our community strong and united again.
  • It is difficult to approach our people as our community is very large and our people resides in different parts of the country. So we provide a platform to our community to unite.
  • By having publicly accessible records of our community, we help people to find other people of our biradari very easily.
  • Any person living anywhere in the country can register himself/herself to join and grow our community.

Any Suggestions ?

Your suggestions and feedback are very important to us

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